Boat rental from S. Maria Navarrese to Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriala and Grotta del Fico.

Visit Cala Mariolu at your own pace!

Do you want to visit the Coast of Baunei at your own pace and comfort? Have you heard about the famous Grotta del Fico (Cave of the Figtree) and you’d like to visit it, maybe during an unforgettable day in the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean? Here is the right choice for you!

Every morning, starting from Easter to the end of October, our dinghy leaves from the Marina of

Santa Maria Navarrese at about 9 o’clock, heading for the Grotta del Fico. The guides of the Società Speleologica Baunese will be there waiting for you, to take you along a 45 minutes tour inside the Supramonte. Spectacular formations, lights and shadows, fresh water falls are just some of the features that will amaze you inside the cave, where monk seals have lived until a few years ago. Two more stops to complete your wonderful day at the sea: Cala Mariolu e Cala Biriala, just to relax and enjoy the clearest water you can imagine. Once on board the rubber boat, there will be plenty of time to stop and see all the secrets of the coast, its caves and inlets, the fjords of Portu Pedrosu and Portu Cuau, extraordinary species that inhabit these lands.


These visits are available all year long, if you book in advance and the weather is nice.


. Gathering and departure at about 9 am, Marina of Santa Maria Navarrese
The Grotta del Fico rubberboats are right in front of the Bar del Porto, ready to leave for a new adventure!

. First stop at Cala Mariolu, about 10 am
You’ll probably be among the first to get to this beach, so you’ll have the chance to enjoy it at best: in the first hours of the morning, Cala Mariolu is not that crowded!

. Visit of the Grotta del Fico, about 1 pm
Lunch break away from the harsh midday sun: there’s no better way to escape the heat than to take shelter in a cave!

. Stop at Cala Biriala, about 2 pm
A few more moments in the sun and sea, in the wildest and bluest scenery you can immagine.

. Return to the Marina of Santa Maria Navarrese, about 5 pm
The rubberboat of the Società Speleologica Baunese will come to Cala Biriala and take you back home, stopping at the most beautiful corners of the coast.



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