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Sardinia hikes - guided or self guided

Hiking in Sardinia is beautiful everywhere, if you’re looking for the best experience though you should head towards the Supramonte area. 

Imagine long hikes surrounded by unspoilt nature, breathing pure air, the sights and smells of the Mediterranean landscape.

Imagine walking on the footprints of the old-time charcoal-burners and shepherds who first trod these trails.

Imagine to listen to the passionate voice of expert guides, while they tell you the stories and myths of our land.

Imagine the emotion and the surprise after reaching dreamlike beaches where you can enjoy a deserved and refreshing dive, in one of the most beautiful seas in the world.

Hard to imagine? Then come and live it!

Here is our selection of excursions and hikes in Baunei.

Cala Goloritzè hike

Hiking time: 1h30′ Difficulty: E

Cala Biriala hike

Hiking time: 2h Difficulty: EE

Pedra Longa a Us Piggius hike

Hiking time: 3h Difficulty: E

Cala Mariolu hike

Hiking time: 3h Difficulty: EE

S’istrada Longa hike

Hiking time: 4h Difficulty: EE

Cala Sisine hike

Hiking time: 30′ circa Difficulty: T

Grotta del Fico hike

Hiking time: 3h Difficulty: EEA

Jeep trip

Half or full day

Trenino Supramonte

Guided tour of Golgo Plateau