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Original Selvaggio Blu

Since the moment in which you’ll leave your car near Pedra Longa, Baunei, you’ll take just a few steps beyond the paved road and you’ll be suddenly overwhelmed by wild nature. From that moment on, you won’t come across any road, any house, any signal. Nothing but trails, mule trails, animals grazing freely, typical shepherds’ huts and, if you’re lucky, some shepherds too. From that moment on, your point of reference will be the blue of the Mediterranea on your right and you won’t have to worry about anything, only about breathing deeply the light air of the Supramonte, enjoy stunning panoramas and views, get some rest inside thick oak woods. Your guide will take care of the rest!

The classic Selvaggio Blu program is split in 6 different steps, at the end of each one we’ll stop near a shepherd’s hut or near one of the coves

  • Original Selvaggio Blu Itinerary

  • Day 1

    First stage from S. Maria Navarrese-Pedra Longa to Ginnirco/Us Piggius
    Hiking time: 4h 30’. Distance: 12 km. Elevation: 850 m

  • Day 2

    Second stage: from Ginnirco to Portu Pedrosu/Cuau
    Hiking time: 6h. Distance: 8 km. Elevation: 120 m

  • Day 3

    Third stage: from Portu Cuau to Goloritzè
    Hiking time: 6h. Distance: 12 km. Elevation: 650 m

  • Day 4

    Fourth stage: from Goloritzè to Mudaloru/Grotta del Fico
    Hiking time: 6/7h. Distance: 12 km. Elevation: 700 m
    First technical difficulties: Bacu Boladina climb (30 m – IV), about 20 m rappels.

  • Day 5

    Fifth stage: from Grotta del Fico to Cala Sisine
    Hiking time: 6/7h. Distance: 16 km. Elevation: 600 m
    Technical difficulties: short climbs (10 m – IVinf.) and some rappels up to 45 m.

    [Optional: sixth day, from Cala Sisine to Cala Luna]


We’ll really take care of everything! We’ll plan the trek with you, giving you the possibility to choose the vartiants you prefer and to customize it as you want. We’ll take care of the transfer from the airport or from the port where you’ll arrive, we’ll take care of the logistics and we’ll carry your bulky baggage, we’ll offer support by sea and by land, we’ll prepare your breakfast, your packed lunch and your deserved dinner throughout the whole trek.

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