If you’re experienced hikers and you want to try the unforgettable experience of living the Supramonte for an entire week, along an incredible trail with no technical difficulties, here’s the hike for you!

The trail goes along the classic Selvaggio Blu, with variations and deviations to avoid climbing and abseiling. We can hike the Selvaggio Blu Light either South to North or viceversa, stop at different stages (more or less the ones of the classic version) and spend the night under the starry sky, so far away from any kind of light pollution.

Our staff will always be available, by land and sea, for supplies dropping-off and transfers. Our 100% local guides will explore the Supramonte with you, making every effort to ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible. You’ll play, as usual, a big part in planning the trip, deciding the length, the stages, the services you need.

Best way to escape the stress of today’s modern life, even if it’s just for a few days. Perfect for hikers on their first multi-day trek and summer camps for kids!


Day 1: trekking from Baunei to Ginnirco, night at the Rifugio Ginnirco and typical Sardinian dinner
Day 2: trekking from Ginnirco to Portu Pedrosu/Portu Cuau
Day 3: day at the beach in Portu Pedrosu/Portu Cuau
Day 4: trekking from Portu Pedrosu/Portu Cuau to Cala Goloritzè
Day 5: boat transfer from Cala Goloritzè to Bacu Mudaloru; start of the trek to Cala Biriala
Day 6: day at the beach in Cala Biriala; in the afternoon, boat transfer and visit to the Grotta del Fico (Cave of the Figtree)
Day 7: Trekking from Cala Biriala to Golgo
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