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Selvaggio Blu new version, with via ferrata

This is the ideal Selvaggio Blu, revisited by locals after years of experience along the trek. The most spectacular variations, the easiest detours and secret passages are all included in this program!
Perfect for those who have already hiked the original Selvaggio Blu or for swimming lovers, who want to enjoy the incredible sea of the Coast of Baunei.

Compared to the original Selvaggio Blu, this program takes 7 days and e stops along the beach every night, including nature wonders like Cala Mariolu and Cala Biriala. We also do the famous variante di Goloritzé, spectacular passages on the cliffs that close the bay in the north side that take to the Via Ferrata opened by Marcello Cominetti and Explorando Supramonte in June 2014.

  • Selvaggio Blu, più Blu itinerary

  • Day 1

     pre-Selvaggio Blu briefing with your local guide.
    Jeep transfer, dinner and night at Ovile Ginnirco.

  • Day 2

    first stage start: from Ginnirco to Portu Pedrosu/Portu Cuau.
    Hiking time: 6h. Elevation gain: 120 m

  • Day 3

    second stage start: from Portu Pedrosu/ Portu Cuau to Goloritzé.
    Hiking time: 6h. Elevation gain: 650 m

  • Day 4

    third stage start: from Goloritzé to Cala Mariolu.
    Hiking time: 5h. Elevation gain: 200 m
    Technical difficulties: short fixed rope routes and via ferrata.

  • Day 5

    fourth stage start: from Cala Mariolu to Grotta del Fico.
    Hiking time: 6/7h. Elevation gain: 500 m
    Technical difficulties: about 30 m rappel.

  • Day 6

    fifth stage start: from Grotta del Fico to Cala Biriala.
    Hiking time: 5/6h. Elevation gain: 500 m
    Technical difficulties: climb (IV) and rappels up to 50 m.

  • Day 7

    sixth stage start: from Cala Biriala to Cala Sisine.
    Hiking time: 5/6h. Elevation gain: 200m
    Technical difficulties: climb (10 m – IVinf.) and rappels up to 45 m.

    At the end of the trek, a short time to relax on the beach, then boat transfer to S. Maria Navarrese.

We’ll really take care of everything! We’ll plan the trek with you, giving you the possibility to choose the vartiants you prefer and to customize it as you want. We’ll take care of the transfer from the airport or from the port where you’ll arrive, we’ll take care of the logistics and we’ll carry your bulky baggage, we’ll offer support by sea and by land, we’ll prepare your breakfast, your packed lunch and your deserved dinner throughout the whole trek.

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