Hike to Cala Biriala, the wild. It’s a small cove between the thick forests of Biriala and Bilariccoro. It’s protected by most winds thanks to the rocks in front of it whose last part creates a little arch into the sea.

The excursion to Cala Biriala involves 1 hour 4 wheel drive and a trek about 3 hours long. The trail leaves from loc. Ololbissi (beyond Golgo plateau) and is almost 3 km long. It’s one of the most beautiful treks of the Supramonte, for the wonderful panoramic views, the many Scal’e Fustes (juniper ladders made by old-time shepherds) and short and easy climbs/downclimbs.

Difficulty of the hike to Cala Biriala: trail for expert hikers (EE)

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. Gather at 9 am in Santa Maria Navarrese

If you don’t have a car, our guide will pick you up from your hotel or apartment and drive you to the beginning of the trail.

. Leave Cala Biriala at 3 pm

A rubber boat will take you back to Santa Maria Navarrese: you can stop and visit the Grotta del Fico and enjoy the Coast of Baunei comfortably relaxed.

Important: stony ground and short easy downclimbs make the trail more difficult. A pair of good hiking boots are absolutely necessary! Don’t forget also enough water and the swimsuit: one of the bluest sea in the world is waiting for you at the end of the trail!


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