The Trenino Supramonte gives you the opportunity to visit Golgo plateau through a unique experience, surrounded by a landscape whose extraordinary geomorphological and natural features will amaze you, together with its archaeological sites.

Comfortably sitting on the train, you’ll admire amazing panoramic views, plunge into the Mediterranean scrub, visit mysterious places and hear their stories. It’s an occasion you don’t have to miss, if you’re looking for the genuine Sardinia, the clearest example of how man and nature can live together in harmony. You’ll see a kind of unfenced “natual park” open 365 days a year, where animals still graze free and modernity hasn’t touched places and people. Do it from a new point of view, do it on board the Trenino Supramonte!


Here are the Contacts to book the excursion on board the Trenino Supramonte.