The solution for a rainy day, the experience that completes your vacations by the sea, a further step to get to know the culture and traditions of this wonderful island.

A day with the guides of Explorando Supramonte starts with a 4 wheel drive tour in the morning, maybe followed by a nice walk or a hike. We’ll stop for lunch at one of the goatfolds where the shepherd will be waiting for us, preparing natural food, with “zero miles products”, and the rites of an ancient tradition. If you prefer, you can add a visit of the coast and the Grotta del Fico, or spend the rest of the day helping the cook in the kitchen and learn all the secrets of the culurgioni.

Sardinian weather is always amazing: this kind of excursion is available all year long, thanks to the mild temperatures, to the 365 days of sunshine a year, to a special microclimate that the high limestone cliffs allow. What is more, every season has its own distinctive charm: you could have the chance to lay on a deserted beach during a warm december day, enjoy Wild Pears in bloom during Spring in Golgo plateau, take pictures of Eleonora’s Falcons that leave Sardinia for Madagascar in the end of September.

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