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Sardinia excursions - Day tours and trips

The territory of Baunei represents the perfect union between sea and mountain, two worlds usually far away from each other, here merging and creating a wonderful landscape with extraordinary opportunities. That’s why we can offer a wide selection or excursions and hikes, to meet the needs of any vacation traveler.

Don’t worry about the difficulty of some proposal, remember there is something to suit everybody’s fancy!
Beginners can enjoy a gentle walk from the town center of S. Maria Navarrese to Pedra Longa. Experts will try first technical difficulties, for example along the trail that takes to Cala Biriala or decide to sleep under the stars, with the famous Selvaggio Blu, a five-day trek along the most beautiful coast in Sardinia.

If hiking is not really the core of your plans, then probably you prefer a boat tour along the coast, or a little bit of adventure on board a jeep to discover Golgo Plateau…what about a funny trip with the Trenino Supramonte?

Now it’s up to you, from what would you like to start?

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Mountain excursions

Hikes and excursions in the Supramonte of Baunei

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Sea excursions

Boat trips along the coast of Baunei

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