Supplies Selvaggio Blu, logistics and transfers

If you are experienced trekkers, you’ve studied the maps and carefully prepared the trek, you feel ready to hike the Selvaggio Blu in total autonomy, you can count on us for logistical support.

We’ll transport your camping equipment and heavy luggage, deliver your meals, we’ll be constantly at your disposal if you have doubts about the trail.

Most important: we’ll pick up your garbage daily!

Why choose Explorando Supramonte for your logistics?

We give you support before departure: we help you plan the best program for your group, we provide valuable advice on the trail and camps: we’ve been hiking the Selvaggio Blu for more than 20 years and we’ve assisted thousands of self-guided hikers.


We guarantee assistance during the trekking and include in our price interventions/emergency returns.


We don’t do one trip supplies drop off: an ordinance of the Municipality of Baunei prohibits to deposit supplies along the coast with a single trip, occupying beaches and camp sites with luggage, bags and tanks for days.

Here are our two options for Selvaggio Blu supplies:

Every day our staff will deliver food and supplies you previously packed. Your packages stay the whole week in our Explorando Supramonte office at the Marina of Santa Maria Navarrese and are delivered in the evening when the group arrives to the end of the stage.

The right choice for those who don’t want to walk with all the equipment on the back. With this service our staff will drop off heavy baggage in the evening and pick it up the next morning.

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