FAQs Selvaggio Blu

Frequently asked questions on Selvaggio Blu: here are all the answers.

Before you start your Selvaggio Blu trek, it’s highly recommended to read the Ordinanza, updated on the Town of Baunei website.

It’s definitely not advised to hike the Selvaggio Blu in Summer, as the temperatures are really too high. Spring is perferct for long daylight hours and gorgeous nature blooming. Fall offers short days but sea water is perfectly warm: after a day of hard walk you deserve an unforgettable dive!

You can no longer leave luggage, boxes and hiking stuff in general, along the Selvaggio Blu. Since the number of hikers is rapidly increasing, it is no longer possible to have our beaches covered by supplies, day after day. For more information, see the Municipal Ordinance.

Explorando Supramonte offers two different supplies programs: a “basic” option, with one passage per day, to deliver the food needed for the night and the following day (the rest of the material is carried by walkers) and a “comfort” option, with two  passages every day, to deliver supplies and to move heavy luggage, so that hikers can walk light.

Quickdraws and climbing shoes are not necessary to hike the Selvaggio Blu: climbs are max. III / IV degree and hiking boots are enough. All explosed passages are equipped with bolts.

It’s possible to rent all climbing and camping gear for Selvaggio Blu at the Explorando Supramonte office, in Santa Maria Navarrese.

Cell phone service is pretty good along most of the trail. Every day, there are covered areas and not covered areas. At the end of stages, cell service is always there, or you have to walk a few minutes to reach it.

You can’t rely on scarce sources of water that are located along the trail (mostly oozing and rainwater, that is collected in natural or partially artificial basins): they are very hard to find and in any case not sufficient along the entire route. The only river that you cross during the Selvaggio Blu is the one that ends in Baus waterfall, just after the departure from Pedra Longa.

A 60 m rope is enough for the entire Selvaggio Blu. Where abseils are longer, intermediate anchors have been positioned. A rope may also be useful during the early stages, for particularly exposed passages.

Despite normally pleasant temperatures, it’s recommended to use long pants, to avoid ending the path with your legs fully covered with scratches and bruises: the vegetation of the Supramonte is particularly dense and aggressive! It’s a good idea to bring something warm for the evening, during all seasons. A windproof jacket can be valuable, particularly when you stop for abseiling: here it’s frequent to stand still for a long time. Don’t forget your bathing suit and flip flops that will let you to walk on the pebbly coves of Baunei!

It’s a personal choice, sometimes forced, because of the weather. Tent offers shelter from humidity and the most hated mosquitoes. Sleeping outside only with your sleeping bag and the starry sky is ian opportunity not to be missed, one of the invaluable experience that the Selvaggio Blu offers.

If Explorando Supramonte will take care of your logistics, you can decide day by day whether to use or not the tents: you won’t have to carry them on your shoulders!

Mosquito repellent is highly recommended!

It’s absolutely forbidden to burn or disperse any type of waste in the environment. The garbage produced must be carried to the end of the trekking and conferred in residential areas.

If you ask logistic support to Explorando Supramonte, we’ll take care of your waste every day!

You can rent climbing and camping gear at our Explorando Supramonte office located in the Marina of S. Maria Navarrese.

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