Selvaggio Blu Sardinia: the famous, the one and only, the legendary!

Everybody speaks about it: hiking enthusiasts and outdoor people, in trade magazines and through the pages of the New York Times. The Selvaggio Blu (“wild blue”) represents today the top for those who love mountain, an incredible opportunity so close to home, for those who are looking for a real adventure, a few days getaway from reality.

The Selvaggio Blu was born more than twenty years ago, when two friends came up with an idea: join some old trails of the Supramonte to create a multi-day trek, from Pedra Longa to Cala Sisine, “in pursuit of beauty”, always along the top of the wonderful cliffs of the Coast of Baunei. Only recently, though, the trek has reached maturity, gaining international fame: today the most important national and international agencies and guides recommend it, so that it has become a must among hiking enthusiasts.

Explorando Supramonte provides the great opportunity to live the Selvaggio Blu accompanied by a local guide, amazed by his knowledge and stories, sharing his overwhelming passion for the land where he has spent most of his life. Our experience is at your disposal, together with our knowledge of the region and our competence, whether you are experienced trekkers, who want to do it in total autonomy, or you’re looking for a complete experience, local guide included.

Selvaggio Blu 2018 dates


from TUESDAY, JUNE 5 to JUNE 10/11


from SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th to OCTOBER 05/06


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