Unforgettable adventure between mountain and sea.

Definitely the best for Explorando Supramonte: a new idea, for those who like adventure in wild Sardinia. This is the trail that goes to the Grotta del Fico.

The first part of the excursion takes place on board our 4WD, for about 1 hour, until we reach Loc. Ololbissi, beyond Golgo Plateau. You’ll probably think to be in the middle of nowhere in the Supramonte but after just some minutes of walk you’ll be able to see the blue sea again. We’ll go along the high walls of Bacu Padente, grey ridges of limestone, up to the cliffs sheer over the sea. From there we’ll start 6 breathtaking abseils, along a trail that provides unexpected views, caves and panoramas, down to the last abseil, right on the stairs of the famous Grotta del Fico.

Difficulty of the hike to the Grotta del Fico: trail for expert hikers, gear required (EEA)

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You can also choose the variation without abseils, as beautiful as the normal one, for the views over Piscine di Venere (Venus Pools) and the coast of Biriala. In this case, you’ll take a downhill trail inside Su Feilau, a short downclimb, then a steep downhill down to the rocks and the sea. The last surprise is provided by some grottoes you have to enter to finally reach the Grotta del Fico.

Difficulty of the variation to the Grotta del Fico: trail for expert hikers (EE)

At the end of the trail an unforgettable visit to the Grotta del Fico: its lights and shadows will be the best way to relax after a day of adrenaline, the guidesof the Società Speleologica Baunese will show you all the secrets.

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